If you need a dentist...


Just had a routine cleaning with my girlfriend's sister who is a dentist. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the office. Everything was modern and new. She was more professional than any dentist I ever saw back in NY. The price for a cleaning was 100 Pesos. As you may expect, I'm sure any operation is a fragment of the price we paid back home.

I can get Valeria's contact info later...


Hello... May I ask how long the cleaning took and what kind of tools? They they have the ultrasonic water jet thing and also do the polishing treatment after? Thanks.


I also have a dentist friend of mine who is, in my opinion, top notch compared to US dentists. He's even fixed some of the shoddy work I had done in the US and at ARgentine prices meaning he doesn't overcharge expats like most Argentinians do as soon as they realize you're English speaking. His name is Dr. Fabrizzio Zaldivar Tejada, in Flores on Yerbal 2553, office phone is 11-4611-5416; cfabrizzio25@yahoo.com. Teeth cleaning for about $60 pesos last time I went. But prices have gone up here in BA so call him and check. He speaks nearly perfect English.