I'm new on this site


Jan 13, 2020
I'm new on this site . My name is Kevin from the Washington DC area . I'm going to be moving to San Martin de los Andes in April 2020. My Aunt and Uncle live there . I'm wondering what the best way to buy a car is ? I'm wondering what the best was to get US TV Channels is ? I'm wondering if it's a good move at 59 years old and retired ? I was in BA, San Martin and Bariloche in early October, skiing , site seeing, etc. I fell in Love with the people, food, scenery, climate, etc. I'm all ears if someone can help ! Thanks Kev
First thing you need to figure out is how well you will deal with your pension/retirement funds to prevent our beloved and trusted government from turning it into our, not so glorious, funny money at a most unfavourable, if not unrealistic, exchange rate.
Once you sort that out in a semi-permanent way, the rest is easy. Specially with hard currency in hand.


Hi Kev,

If you like it here, I think it is a good move no matter your age or work status. As Iz suggests, you just have to figure out how to make things work for your specific situation. The one thing I do suggest (if you don't already) is to learn Spanish. Your life will become much richer and you will learn much more about the country when you can speak to people, read and listen to the local media, etc.

San Martin de Los Andes population is about 3.5 persons. It's also very isolated, especially in winter. So depends on your interests and priorities. You might go insane there after a few weeks, unless the company of your relatives and the beauty of the nature satisfy all your needs...The good news is - you won't need a car there, nowhere to go:)