iMac for sale


Jul 31, 2007
I have an iMac for sale:

iMac 21.5 Intel Core i5 QUAD Core 2,7 GHz
Procesador 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i5
1.920 x 1.080 píxeles de resolución
4GB de RAM
1 TB (terabyte) Hard Drive
WiFi Airport
Bluetooth 2.1
SuperDrive Dual Layer 8x
Camera FaceTime HD
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 6770 512MB
FW 800/ 4 USB 2.0/ SDXC
1 Thunderbolt Port
Adobe CS 5 Master Collection installed
MS Office Suite installed
Original Box
Purchased in December 2011 - Impeccable new condition
Includes cordless mouse and keyboard
Asking $2,500 u$d or $11,000 pesos
joemama said:
David, where do you get your drugs from? A $1,000 USD markup for a used computer?

Good luck with that one.

Thanks Joe for your kind response. This computer was bought here in Buenos Aires in December, with all of the additional software installed it cost us $14,000 pesos. Unfortunately in Buenos Aires we are not able to get things at US prices. Not trying to price gouge but would be nice to recoup close to our cost.
I recently purchased one and paid 12k ARS. Were I able to travel the almost 6000 miles and bring it through customs, I would have saved some money. However, computers/electronics here and in most of South America are sold at an impressive premium. FYI Joe, I lost my iPod and couldn't live without one, so I bought one here at an Apple store - what cost US$199 in the States ran me USD$500 here. I'd go out there and check local prices. Your US Apple link is useless here. Good luck in finding US equivalent prices.
Joemama's location = the bubble... maybe its cheaper to buy electronics there!
Jaja - no, everything is more expensive in the bubble silly goose.

(Flight to Miami + new iMac) < David's iMac :)
Brilliant, Joe! Maybe everyone that needs electronics in Argentina should plan a trip to Miami. If you have a hefty expense account can we go with you?
I'd love to take you all to Miami, unfortunately my account is in pesos so I can't get money to travel with. So sad.
Also boludos, I want a cut if you sell it, as this thread would have been buried by now without this lively banter.
Hey David,

The copy of CS5. Is it fully licensed too? Or a pirated copy. Also does it come with the full suite of programs (i.e. aftereffects, illustrator, photoshop etc.).

I may be interested....