Import tax


Nov 26, 2006
I am living in Buenos Aires and currently do not have a DNI..I am planning to ship some personal items to Buenos Aires and may also ship some furniture but wondered if any of it would be subject to import tax as I have no legal residency. Please can anyone give me some advice??
I brought my personal effects from spain, but had to have a guarantor as it's a temp move of goods.May I suggest a good gestor who would arrange a DNI for you and also assist with customs etc. It's a little complicated, but can be done. Your priority is the DNI, methinks. I can send you a private note for the lady gestor i used. good luck.
Oops, forgot to mention that i didn't have to pay import taxes as such, but there are various strange charges along the way, like paying officials for various docs and finally collecting them from the warehouse. At some stage you will need to visit EMBA at the port, near retiro once your goods have arrived. That's the most important part.Any help you need, please ask.
Thanks for this Marc.. you said you had to have a guarantor..A guarantor for what?? And yes I would be interested in obtaining a dni so any help in this respect would be appreciated.
talk to this guy [email protected] before doing anything. he's a customs lawyer and also does immigration work. very friendly, trustworthy and fluent in english.

importing goods into this country is not easy and is usually prohibitively expensive (high import taxes often mean that duties are more than the goods are worth). i know of more than one person shipped goods without getting advice and ended up losing a whole lot of money...matt
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