Imported Xootr Swift foldable bicycle for sale


Feb 11, 2010
Imported Xootr Swift foldable bicycle for sale

I have a foldable bicycle that I'm selling. It's lightweight, compact and rides great. I bought it directly from the manufacturer years ago and brought it with me here to Buenos Aires from the United States. It is a very highly rated folding bicycle; in fact, it is rated by some as the best overall folding bicycle because of its sturdiness and the fact that it uses standard (non-proprietary) bicycle parts, which makes it easy to repair wherever you are in the world. (I have taken the bike to Canaglia here in Buenos Aires for checkups, adjustments etc.)

Pictures are here: Libre/Xootr Swift?h=da57ea

Take a look at the specifications on the manufacturer's website.

It has served me well in Buenos Aires. I used it to commute to work from Cañitas to Congreso last year. The bike fits in elevators if you fold it. Also, I was able to carry it folded through a shopping mall in Florida street when I was going to the office of my Spanish tutor. That way I never left it on the street; I always brought the bike inside with me. I even rode the bicycle to Tigre and back one day. It has 8 gears which allows you to fly on flat terrain (e.g. I have passed cars on Libertador) and also climb very steep hills. (e.g. Ayacucho between Posadas and Alvear in Recoleta). Despite the potholes and perils that can come with riding a bicycle in a big city I surprisingly have not even had a single flat tire here in Buenos Aires.

There are many reviews of the bike on the web, such as these:

You can buy this bicycle new for $750 USD in the United States. My price is $700 USD, used, here in Argentina. I'm only selling the bicycle because I will be backpacking soon and the bike--portable as it is--doesn't fit in my travel backpack. :) I am throwing in all of my accesories to sweeten the deal even further: a silver bike helmet of excellent quality, a cable lock, a portable tire pump, two LED lights/blinkers for safety, and a bell (which you can ring to gently notify pedestrians that you are approaching). The LED lights/blinkers and bell are mounted on the bike, as you can see in the pictures.

Contact me with any questions or if you want to come by and take a look!