In What Neighbourhood do YOU Live?


May 26, 2007
I kind of wonder in what neighbourhoods the expat community lives in. Everybody keeps telling me that they're almost all living in Palermo and Recoleta, but i find that kind of hard to believe (it would explain the complaining about high prices though). Let's not use fancy names such as Barrio Norte or Palermo 'Queens' ;).
If you don't know the official name of your neighbourhood, simply look it up at this website, the interactive map of capital federal:

Thanks in Advance ;)
Apparently I live in Balvanera. I always thought it was the "Once-Congresso Junction," but I guess I was mistaken.
San Cristobal, near Av. Belgrano.. i think that is where the area begins and once ends.
Good Subject!!! Palermo - Soho ( I think) "near Charcas & Thames"
I live in abasto. I have a tiny one room apartment with AC, cable and internet for u.s.390 a month. I need a larger apartment but I like the neighborhood, Cheap shopping at the big Coto store if you can handle the check out lines.
It looks like my my neighborhood Abasto is not on the recommended map It is the area around the Abasto shopping center located at the Carlos Gardel stop on the B line subway, between the neighborhoods of Almagro and Balvanera. Thanks for posting the interactive map website, I had been trying to use google maps but this seems much better.