Napoleon said:
Cabindweller- your question has been answered at least twice in this thread alone.
:confused: Really? Maybe I'm being a bit slow (not unusual!) but all I see listed so far is a happy hour at Sugar 5 hours after the inauguration happens. Maybe I have misunderstood....


cabindweller said:
the inauguration is around 11:30AM in DC which would be 2:30PM in Buenos Aires -- does anyone know how/where to watch live? (online would be okay too....but the stream at least only works inside the US...) is going to live stream ( I'm sure some of the other networks may do as well (msnbc, abc, cbs, etc.) I think I saw a promo for it as well on one of the local channels. I think it was TN, but I'm not sure. We're going to watch it live over slingbox, if we get back home on time.