Incredible Story About Western Union And The New Rate


Do you really think anything in Argentina is going solved really fast. Unless you think 2 to 3 years is really fast.
Yes, i do.

When i made the class action against Macri because he created the category of pure porteno, there was a new regulation in a couple of days.

As soon as you made the complain, you scan it and you mail it to all the newspapers and tv news programms.

The goal is not to send the CEO of WU to jail, but he is going to be under criminal investigation, that is enough. He is going to fix it right away because WU is not allowed to exchange money, so, they can only use the official rate.


As far as I can see, the cepo was lifted on the very day of your transaction Jake, with the measures taking effect the day after IE the 17th of December as announced by the finance minister Prat Gay here:

This shows that the conversion was done a couple of days before:

Criminal complaint? I don't think so Doktor.


Probably he can get dollars, but it will be converted AUS>ARS before cepo>USD current rate, I don't see, how it could be any other way. This way he can get few pesos back on black market ... What I don't understand is, that you did that few hours before official announcement, when everyone knew that devaluation will happen. Maybe this transfer works different than I think, but logic says it doesn't. I am sorry for your loss, it hurts when we loose money this way ...


Cost of living and buying things just went up 50% in pesos?? I think you've been reading too much FpV propaganda. Was that what Kiciloff tried to tell you at his chat yesterday?
Private consulting firms: inflation 3.6 - 5.2% over last 2 months (=53% annualised)

Irony dies stabbed in the heart by Argentine politics. The sides have now been officially switched on who says there is rampant inflation and who says there isn't. Fun times!