indian and asian curry pastes


Oct 8, 2008
where around begrano can i buy indian and asian curry pastes, carrefour has nothing, and china town has a very limited selection

I would also LOVE to know this, as this was one of my favorite things to make foods in the US, and haven´t been able to find it yet...:p
Try the DISCO supermarket on Rómulo Naon (near Olazábal) in Belgrano R. It's a regular supermarket on the small side, but since it's in a very exclusive neighborhood, they have a very large selection of imported foods from all over the world. The imported stuff is close to the entrance right in front of the vinoteca. Good luck.
I recommend the large Jumbo in Palermo right next to the large Mosque . It does has some variety and is very well stocked for Buenos Aires standard.
I second the Jumbo by the mosque. Everything I've really needed, I've found there.
I found the selection was better in Chinatown than at the Jumbo near the mosque. So, I'm not sure you are going to find what you want there if you didn't find it in Chinatown.
That mosque always looks empty. I know they have a school there, but has anyone ever seen it open? Do many people attend?
We used to shop at Carrefour, but switched to Jumbo in Palermo because they tend to have a better selection of imported goods (and same day delivery). But I agree for special products you may have to look in Chinatown or others shops.

Celia said:
That mosque always looks empty. I know they have a school there, but has anyone ever seen it open? Do many people attend?

They have services, classes and guided tours:
I liked Jumbo in Palermo for awhile but I am so tired of the same ol,, same ol'd. Recently I went to the Disco Supermarket just down the street from Starbucks on Elcano. It's a much smaller store but I really liked their selection of food. I was even able to finally find maple syrup.:)
I make chicken curry with simple ingredients and it turns out really tasty. Chop a whole onion; chop about 6 garlic cloves; chop as much as you like of fresh ginger. Put in a heavy pot and saute in olive oil until soft. Then, add (to taste) approx. 2 Tbsp. cumin, 1 tsp, cinnamon and 1/2 tsp. chili powder, salt and pepper. Mix all together quickly as it will burn if you aren't careful. Add 1 cup of water or chicken broth, mix well. Add 1 small can tomato paste, mix well. Add one cut up chicken (or pieces that you like), cover and simmer for 1 hour. Serve with Basmati rice and chopped cilantro.