Indian food anywhere in BA?


Aug 15, 2009
I'm missing Indian food (or anything with some spice for that matter). Has anyone found an Indian place worth visiting (or any at all) in this city? Any particular barrios where I'd be most likely to locate said cuisine? Lastly, if you have a favorite place, want to meet there one evening?

Lots here on the forum on that subject-

And coming up in November, the Indian Embassy helps to sponsor this- which had food last year.

Second Festival of India in Buenos Aires 5- 15 November 2009

This follows the success of the first Festival in November 2008. There will be handicrafts exihibition, Indian classical and folk dances, seminars, exihibitions and more. The main events will take place at the Borges Cutural Centre. The festival will be held in collaboration with the city Government of Buenos Aires
I've tried most of the Indian restaurants in town, and I think my favorite was Mumbai! I've never been to India so I can't tell you if it's really authentic, but it tastes just like the Indian food I was used to eating in "little India" in New York. I've eaten there a number of times and never been disappointed.
they have an online menu but no prices listed, of course - the prices are NOT cheap, but it seems like all of the Indian restaurants in Buenos Aires are really expensive! and every now and then, I give in and pay top peso for some good spicy Indian food! Mumbai has different spice levels - their top level is WAYYY SPICY.
bon appetit.
I second curtie's recommendation for Mumbai, in Palermo Hollywood. And I agree with smirkypants' note about porteños' evaluations of Indian food. Spicy stuff is just too foreign here!

At Mumbai, discuss the spice level with the waiter when you order. When I was there a week ago with some yanqui friends who love Indian food, I described our desired level of spiciness as very spicy for porteños, moderate for the rest of the world. The waiter laughed and brought dishes perfectly picante!

As for the food, it's quite good. A lamb dish was excellent. My only reservations are a rather short menu, lacking, predictably, vindaloos and similar mouth-burners, and prices that seem a little steep, though not outrageous.

Note that they don't serve rice with the main dishes, so order some when you order your food, or you'll wait a while for it to arrive.