Individual Spanish Training


Aug 21, 2018
If group lessons don´t fit your needs, try tailored Spanish classes with an experienced native teacher from Buenos Aires...

My name is Silvia. I am from Argentina. I´m a qualified language teacher and I have more than fifteen year´s of experience teaching in Argentina and abroad.

I lived in Boston, Massachusetts where I started teaching Spanish for two years. Then I moved back to Buenos Aires where I live and teach now.

I´ve worked for well-known Spanish schools here in Buenos Aires and I have taught a high number of students from all over the world as an independent teacher as well
Hi Silvia! I'm definitely interested. I spent about six months here in 2012, and my Spanish was excellent then but it's since diminished significantly. I would love to get back into the swing of things!
Hello! My family, including 3 kids ages 4, 6 and 9 years will be in BA starting in January. Do you have experience or interest in working with children?
Hola Pearson, sorry but I can not help you. I don't hace experience with Kidd of that age.
Saludos, Silvia