Insane Dog Barking


Pendsador, from your photo it seems you are probably physically big so your neighbor may have worried that you'd beat him up! You're right about the noise problem. People even speak in very loud voices. I think a lot of people here like noise. They find quiet a problem. It amazes me how people will go to Carilo where nature is so beautiful and they'll play their radios really loud. Why go so far if you don't want to hear the sounds of birds and nature?


I have been a victim of hostile barking from
My next doors neighbors dog barking incessantly.

It took some hostile conversations over several months to see the result.

Their whole counter was “its a dog . It will bark.What can we do? “ And making false allegations against me to dilute my complaint. And yes, the wife of my neighbor was superrrr rude - insanely rude to me. If it was a man, i would have punched his face - without a 2nd thought. The man ( the husband ) was however super friendly, polite and helpful ; probably decided to train his dog.


I watched the television series with Cesar Millan years ago. I don't have a dog, I have a cat. He trains the owners how to train their animals. I trained my cat to sit on command. She does so before I'll put food in her bowl. The training took less than ten minutes. When she gets cranky or gets carried away, I say "sit." Animals understand our tone of voice. My cat also gets the message when I say NO or GO with body language.

My downstairs neighbor has a new dog she got as a puppy a year ago. She didn't train her previous Yorkshires who died and barked constantly when left alone outside all night long. I began training the puppy when it barked outside my bedroom window when I could only be heard, not seen. It worked. The owner still doesn't know what to do with dogs after many years. She yells "basta" at the dog in anger. She has a hearing impairment and doesn't know that a dog's hearing is 100 times that of humans. She's away this week, and the dog cries all day long. Someone comes to visit and feed it. Animals have emotions, but owners think of them as possessions or entertainment.

I've put up with a neighbor's dog barking at all hours of the day for years on our block. I left them a note that I would make a complaint at Comuna 3 if the barking continued. It has. The women are the ones who need the training. The dog is easy to train. They will never do it.

These videos of The Dog Whisperer/El Encantador de Perros with Cesar Millan could help dog owners who don't know that dogs are trainable. I sent a link to my downstairs neighbor to learn a few things about her dog.

cesar millan en español latino capitulos completos


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At least in our case, the barking problem is not my fault or our dogs fault.
My wife's rescue dog thinks she's protecting us by barking warnings. Generally this is a good things, especially with the growing number of break-ins locally.
The problem is the neighbors encourage lots of feral cats. They roam across the walls of our property, our deck and on roof of our house, leaving their scents and excrement all over to further annoy our dog.
At night we often hear what sounds like a stampede across the ceiling of our living room. Our poor dog goes crazy warning us that there are intruders on our roof. I can't fault that.
The main culprit is a restaurant that often has 15 or 20 cats sitting in their yard waiting for food. We've spoken to them about the various reasons why this is unhealthy, unneighborly, and bad for business but we've gotten no results.
We've tried various cat deterrents but nothing seems to work, short of the ultimate deterrent which my wife has prohibited me from considering.