Intensive Spanish in BA suburbs


Jan 6, 2010
Hi there. I am currently living in Acasusso and wanted to know if there are any schools that are offering intensive spanish courses. I am specifically looking for one in the area (Martinez, Olivos, etc).

I've read tons of posts and everything/place seems to be in or around Palermo.

Thanks for any and all recommendations.
The top and most well respected school is called Lenguas Vivias and it's associated with la Universidad de Buenos Aires. It's in Retiro so if you take the train from Acassuso you can arrive in 25 minutes or less.
or International House in San Isidro.get off the train and it,s 100 yards away....
Cool. the IH in San Isidro looks promising as its close (I have a dog and want to be able to walk her in the afternoon). I do like the idea of Lenguas - but is this the correct website link (I found a few Lenguas and my spanish is horrible). Thanks for the replies.
If you are thinking of going to lengus vivas, go on monday to register for inscription exam - and do it on monday, as it is very popular, especially with brazilian students and can be hard to get a place on the course. Its on av del libertador and Carlos Pellegrini - is you walk from retiro along libertador, there is a round building (20 or 30 floors) with claro sign on top, turn up there, and you will come to a building with yellow steps and red gate.

The school is good, the course is good, and cheap, but we had 2 teachers on the intensive basic course that i took, 2 hours each day, 4 days a week - 2 days each teacher, 1 teacher was very good, the other teacher wasnt, he was a nice guy, but always late, not organised etc.

I went to a Hilton in martinez to check them out/ sit in on a class, and the teacher was good, but the owner wanted to put me into a class with 2 others who had already been taking lessons for 2 months, and i had no idea what was going on. I got the feeling that they just wanted my money.
I think myself and my lady will get an apartment in Barrio Congresso when I get back early next year - I'd be interested in knowing if there is anything close to there for me ? I have heard there are groups for locals and expats to get together and practice both English and Spanish ? John. PS It might end up being Belgrano or Palermo too - but I am thinking Congresso...