International/Bilingual Jobs in Baires


Jul 29, 2009

I've arrived in Buenos Aires and am looking for a job at the moment. I have applied for a couple of job positions in companies that advertise in english and work in a english speaking environment such a work from home customer service and administration positions. However, i've had little luck getting responses. I've replied to Craigslist ads etc and have gotten no replies. Can anyone give me tips on where to search for administration jobs that require English and Spanish. Or international companies that hire customer service agents to work from Baires. Maybe even companies that some of you work for that might be looking for someone with my skills? Below is some information from my CV so you get an idea of what might fit. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

-International Account Management
Established relationships and was closely involved in business development for International companies with clients in the US within the aerospace, defense, and construction industry

-Research Specialist
Created databases and business summary reports on prospective companies for opportunities and alliances with clients within various industries

-Economic Development Orientation Assistant – Intern
Contributed to research in the improvement of marketing techniques for small-scale enterprises, aided in the organization of seminars, aimed at training entrepreneurs whose goal is to expand their businesses in Central Florida

-Foreign Language Lab Assistant – Student Employee
Duties included managing large groups of students in the absence of supervisor by helping them attain fluent levels of written and spoken foreign languages

-Computer: Macintosh and PC: knowledgeable in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
-Languages: Trilingual: fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish
Good luck Mati - I've been looking for 5 months and I've got 2 Undergrad and 2 Masters degrees as well as English/Spanish/Portuguese. I did take a job briefly in a bi-lingual call centre....on a salary of AR$1200/mth!....but got tired of only getting one 15 minute break/day and having to put my hand up to ask permission to take a piss.

It's really not easy to find work here.


You may want to check out Capital IQ, they are a division of Standar & Poor and I think they are looking for people here in Buenos Aires. They require fluent English, as well as Spanish. Finding work that pays a fair wage is tough in Buenos Aires, but it can be done. Best of luck.

This company is always looking for Assistant/Project Cordinators to help on its projects with International companies. English fluency is a must as its computer literacy and a min. 1 yr tenure. Contact [email protected]