International Flights on May 1st. ?

Some Labor Unions, UTA? CATT? have indicated that there will be no transport on May 1? including road, air, river, etc? Will flights leave from Ezeiza or AEP-
Good question. If there is no transport and the road to Ezeiza possibly blocked, will airlines allow passengers to change tickets w/o penalty?
There are no flights either , should be able to avoid penalty...? (Ben..?)

"According to sources confirmed by Infobae of the CATT, the Tranviarios Automotor Union (UTA), one of the main members of the Confederation, will join the strike. Consequently, on Wednesday, May 1, trains, buses, subways, boats and commercial aircraft will not work."


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There are no flights either , should be able to avoid penalty...? (Ben..?)
Generally speaking, after a labor incident is confirmed, airlines activate irregular operations procedures, which allow changes without penalty.

The challenge is often one of timing. Call the airline too soon, and they may not yet have begun to treat the flight as an involuntary change (so can’t change for free). Call too late, and there may be no room left on the flight you want. And the window is often very small.

This is absolutely one of the cases where having purchased the ticket with an agent can be extremely advantageous. ;):D:cool:
Call me cynical but when a strike has been called for a day following a weekend which in turn follows a public holiday (Good Friday) which in turn follows a day (Maundy Thursday) that many sectors in the community treat as a public holiday and all of this precedes another public holiday (May 1st) I don't think you can realistically rely on anything to run as it ought during that period. On the other hand, how many people are going to drag themselves away from their super-super-long long weekend to join a picket line?
So what is ONE to do? wait to avoid penalty.. sit and wait ? have contacted LATAM they claim the Flight is confirmed? I indicated how should ONE get to the airport? I was advised the airline does not provide transport? ONE can go ahead and change flight and pay penalty?:rolleyes::rolleyes: