International Movings


Argenvans is a an Argentinean company fully dedicated to the international movings to/from Argentina. We have been in the market for over 20 years now covering the whole globe through our net of agents.

We move all your belongings which are carefully wrapped and packed by our highly trained staff. Our service will cover all kind of formalities and customs clearance, with Argenvans you will also receive the best assortment regarding all accomplishments you will have to fulfil in order to have your personal effects shipped according to the local regulations. Weekly sea shipments and daily by air are


My friend used a company that packed and stored all their stuff in storage because it was not enough to fill a 20ft container. While in storage, many of her valuables were stolen (probably from an insider who knew what she had). It seems common for this to happen. When a company gets enough to fill a container then it gets moved out of storage.