Internet service IPlan vs Fibertel


Jul 18, 2009
Hello group! I did a search on the archives and the last message on IPlan was in 2015!

We’ve had Fibertel forever and I just got a promotion email from IPlan that they’re offering 200 Megas + WIFI for $1,200 a month, which jumps to $1,900 a month after 3 months. We pay a lot more for Fibertel now and looking at Fibertel’s home page, even if we upgrade our service and get a year’s discount it will still be more expensive then IPlan.

Does anyone have any personal recommendations with IPlan? Are they reliable service? Good Help desk phone? Online chat?

Thanks for any feedback! I don’t want to go to the trouble of switching companies if it will be a big headache in services!

Pete & Ron
We've had iPlan Liv since Dec 2017 with excellent service and only two scheduled (and duly notified in advance) really short interruptions of service. Can't tell you about customer service help desk because we've never had the need to contact them.
When they installed the service, we were their first customers in the block, so three different teams worked to set up everything (optical fiber to the building, setting up the panel and then installation at home). On schedule, as prearranged on each of those occasions.
If you're interested I can get you in touch with our account executive. Send me a PM.
If my memory doesn’t fail me, I think We received an email a couple of days before the scheduled downtime. It’s been ages since the last occurrence.
Thanks. I am happy with the service although there has been some unscheduled downtime. Also it used to go out for 1-2 minutes every night almost like clockwork but they fixed that. They do support IPv6 and the router has 802.11ac which is good.