Introducing myself - Sara


I'm a native Argentinian woman who spent thirty-five years in the Washington, DC area. I resettled in BA, and after a couple of years here saw my hard-learned English evaporate under the flood of Spanish talk from family and old friends, who talk, and talk, and talk...!

After so many years abroad my identity is kind of muddy: I'm an international mongrel: not wholly Argentinian, but not American either. I really enjoyed living in Alexandria, but I became widowed ten years ago and life got very lonely. My whole family is in the BA area so I relocated here, but still miss many things about the US.

I live in San Isidro and have a country place in Colonia, Uruguay, where I collect stray dogs.

Please, any other transplanted old geezers out there? I'm in my sixties.

Well, this was just to say hello. So,