Introducing outselves - Monica and Truls :-)


Mar 1, 2010
We came to BA on friday and have now seemed to adjust fairly well.

Monica (30) and Truls (38) from Norway wanted to see the world and is starting with Argentina and Buenos Aires.

We are planning to stay here for one month to begin with (although we do not have return tickets, so that plan is tentative at best), but have already felt that BA is a great place. We have started talking about long-term moving plans :)

So, right now we are discovering the city (and working a little in the daytime) and are starting to learn Spanish.

We must say that all the posts in this forum have been imensly helpful. Personal insights of this kind are perfect for us in the state we are now. Thanks y'all :)

We would love to meet other expats here in BA. We live in Palermo SoHo. Just ask and we are there :)

Monica and Truls
Welcome to you both,have a great stay in this lovely city....saludos ,howard
Welcome to BA! This forum is so helpful, the archives really cover a lot of topics.
Thank you all :)

Yes, the archives are fantasic! I have already spent some interesting hours browsing them. Fun and helpful stuff :) I love the expat angle on the issues!

well set up a meet up this week... what bar are you close to in Soho???
well welcome and enjoy!!!! cheers
Thanks a lot :) Being met with such warmth is great!

Meeting this week is perfect.

I guess all bars in SoHo are within range for us. We do like to walk, so getting around is no problem. We live about on block away from Plaza de Palermo. I would be nice if you selected a bar of your choosing as we know very little about how they are, etc. We still have a lot to learn ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you :)

Monica & Truls
News: We where actually planning to go out yesterday. Sitting at home, chatting, drinking wine and listening to music. But ops......Monica forgot to eat enough in the evening and you probably can imagine the shape she is in now (yes....still :)), we are definitivly learning here :) Trying again tonight, although it will be a slow start...hehe.

Really looking forward to meeting some of you guys :)

Monica had some minor stomac issues, not a hangover. She is better now and we are going to Wherever Bar tonight at 6 P.M. Hope to see more of you there :)

Hi - if you're planning another meet up around Palmero let me know. I'm a recently arrived teacher from London, living in Villa Crespo.

Would be great to meet some new faces.