Inverter Air conditioners with heating and cooling


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We are looking at buying new air conditioners that do both heating and cooling. A friend recommended "Electra" inverter units. Does anyone have any suggestions on other brands/models? I've been comparing prices on Mercado Libre.

Electra has two models, one with "inverter" technology and one with "regular" technology, the price difference between the technologies on the larger air conditioner model is 20,000 ARG pesos, is the "inverter" technology worth the additional cost?

Thanks for any suggestions! We're freezing in our apartment!

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I paid 3000 pesos at my local ferreteria for a "caloventor" that seems to do the trick as far as heating.
My A/C is completely jodido, but eh, I'll worry about that if I'm still alive and employed when summer comes...


All the A/cs in our apartment blow hot or cold: they are just simple heat-pumps which will work in either direction. I wasn't aware that there were models that didn't do that


When it comes to inverter air conditioner vs conventional, main difference is inverter ACs allow continuous regulation of temperature (compressor motor speed is controlled). ... As a result, inverter ACs are said to be more energy-efficient. These can have a 30-50% better efficiency than conventional ACs.Jan 14, 2018


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What's the difference in price between an inverter and a non-inverter. one?
It's a pretty simple calculation to work out the pay-back time on your investment.


I'm a fan of the BGH brand, local made,supported....invertor vs non is a personal choice....savings in the long run for an invertor assuming increasing edenor rates.


energy efficiency saves the environment as well as on electricity costs.
I got this one, depends on the area you are trying to heat/cool - but don't forget to take into account of the installation costs.


i am going to give this a shot. i bought heat pumps for my na unit 14 years. i think they are toshiba. a heat pump run the freon in one direction for cool and reverses the direction for heat. it works well. you set your themostat to auto, set the temperature, it will keep your house at that temperature. its common in the desert. the option is to have a cooling system usually electric and a heat system using gas. hope this helps. its a brief explanation.