Investments 2022 Dollars ? , Pesos ? or Stocks Merval.?

Rich One

Jul 17, 2012
During 2021 the dollar Blue gained 26 % , CD Plazo Fijo deposits in pesos gained 52 % and stocks in Argentina Merval gained 63 %
If you had converted and placed your dollars in Plazo fijo en during 2021 you would have made a big difference..?

Isn't it a wash though? With inflation clocking in somewhere between the ROI for the MERVAL and Plazo Fijo UVA the third best option would have been to simply spend the money on goods and services you need/wanted.
and what about paying taxes on the gains (ganancias) on the plazo fijos and merval?
and what about paying taxes on the gains (ganancias) on the plazo fijos and merval?

You tell us? What is the tax situation on capital gains. Seems smaller holdings are tax free, under several million pesos?
Well Dollar Blue investments for sure are tax free..!

Well the Argie peso was the 2nd. most devalued currency during 2021, after the Turkish Lira. Third place Chile after the Boric election..?


At the moment, the US Federal Reserve forecasts growth of their balance sheet to slow down to zero, and if they don't re-invest the maturing bonds, their balance sheet will contract. Growth of balance sheet to zero and interest rate hike one to three times. That means money supply is going to dry up. Dollars get more expensive, credit contracts, assets go down.

This will likely crush global risk assets, which includes most emerging market assets. Max pain may be coming to Argentina this year thanks to Jerome Powell.

Of course, if the market correction is too harsh, CPI slows, things could change, but the scenario above is possible at the moment. The markets are already in process of de-risking.
Not so good news....

A former head of the Central Bank of Brazil, Ilan Goldfjan, was elected yesterday as the new director of the Western Hemisphere department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and, as such, he will be the one who will closely monitor the economic situation and the eventual programs with the countries. of the region, including Argentina.