iPhone with working data on Movistar pre-paid


Feb 3, 2008
Just wanted to let everyone know that it appears Movistar has now turned on data access for people with pre-paid SIM cards.

I just returned to BA with my jail-broken iPhone and pre-paid Movistar SIM, and realized that I had both 3G and EDGE data service. Great! The only problem was I did not know what the cost was.

Turns out that in 4 days I blew through a $225 peso credit. I made 2 short calls, sent 10-15 text messages and left my phone on with data (EDGE on, 3G off) turned on the whole time. Yow!

There is an application for jail-broken iPhones called Boss Prefs that lets you turn EDGE off as well as 3G, so I did that and am now not burning through money. I can now turn it on when I do not have access to WiFi and need data service, so it seems to work out pretty well for the time being.

So, lesson learned - the data access is on by default and costs a lot.
They charge a criminal amount of money for 3G here on PAYG. EDGE seems a lot more reasonable I check email on it all the time and don't burn through much credit. And I can live with the speed.
Jail-broken means you can run non-Apple approved applications on it. (This is the main site for jail-broken apps: http://cydia.saurik.com )

Unlocked means you can run a SIM card other than AT&T (or whomever you bought it from).
if you are gonna use a lot of 3g you should get a plan, not a pay as yo go line, personal offers a unlimited 3g usage plan for 150 pesos for iPhones, and movistar offers packs of data from 25 to 500 or a 1000 MB, the 500 MB data pack costs 70 pesos a month (plus taxes I think)

I bought a Motorola Milestone and it came with a 150 plan with a lot of minutes and sms and 500 MB and I barely use 200+ MB a month and I use 3g a lot, everyday I browse, email, download apps etc and I pay a fixed 150 peso bill
Can you sign the contract without a legal residence? I don't like to sign a contract for a long time eventhough I probally spend 100-200 peso a month in pre paid cards
drbonafina said:
What does it mean "jail-broken"?

IMO if your Iphone isnt jailbroken then youre really missing out on the best that the Iphone can do....just saying
Futboljunkie said:
Can you use a Iphone bought in Europe with a pre paid Moviestar card?

Yes but you need to jailbreak and unlock it.
If you have an iphone 3GS bought very recently, you cannot jailbreak it for now (Apple implemented a new bootrom aimed at stopping jailbreaking, only the first 3GS that were sold can be jailbroken at this time. Previous models can be jailbroken).