iPod Speakers


May 20, 2009
Hey all,
Looking for a place where I can find an iPod Dock/Speakers. I know that overall electronics are more expensive here, but I would appreciate any advice on a good electronic store/part of town.
You could check a couple of stores like:

Fravega, Garbarino, Hiper Rodó, Red Megatone, obviously the Mac Store, but the prices are way higher than any other department store.

But the best way to get cheap prices, is going to www.mercadolibre.com.ar

Same thing as ebay, but in Argentina.

PM if you need any other info on this.


Hi-Track, on Cabildo by the in-bound Jose Hernandez station of the subte D, sells audiophile gear, much of which is the same price you'll pay for much lesser stuff at Frávega. The folks are very knowledgeable as well.

I bought a Monitor Audio dock and speakers from them that's really excellent and wasn't very expensive. They also have a super-cool new LG box that docks an iPod and also handles CD, DVD, radio, etc. It even has iPod-style controls with a touch-sensitive disc for all functions. And unlike most of the iPod dock-speaker sets I've heard, it actually SOUNDS good, although not as good as the Monitor Audio, at least to my ears.
I've got the ipod touch, and I picked up a portable speakers set in Alto Palermo,at the time they had an offer of the month with a 20 percent discount and another offer for using BAnco Snatander Credit cards...another 20 percent or so I really cant remember...if you have an argentine Card go have a look, i fnot Mercado Libre or ONCE..

Best of luck