is anyone coming to buenos aires from the united states?


hola todos! que tal? i'm a recent transplant from los angeles. i have a bit of a problem i'm hoping someone can help me with. my iphone was stolen my second night here (boo) and, believe it or not, my REPLACEMENT iphone that i fedexed here was stolen by customs right out of the package. i use my iphone a lot for work, so i had to bite the bullet and buy a THIRD iphone. if you are coming from the states, could you help me out by bringing my phone with you? i can ship it to wherever you are and you could just throw it in your carry on. i'm too afraid to try and fedex or dhl it again and risk having it stolen a 3rd time. of course, i can pay you for your trouble or take you out to lunch or drinks, whichever you prefer. i would really appreciate it.

thank you.