is it possible to pick up intl mail @ retiro w/o a slip from CorreoArgentina?


Dec 2, 2008
i have mail that they confirmed exists there, but i need to get the package by thursday at the latest and if the slip doesnt come tomorrow or the next day..... i screwed?
I'm not sure about that...the slip has a number on it that they'll eventually call out over the PA system, but I guess you could try to get whatever information you can from whoever confirmed that it is here and go with that info and your passport to the international post office to see if they'll help. Take a book. Hopefully you're Spanish is good enough because they bark out the numbers in groups without repetition. Also, in case you don't already have it, the office is located here:

Centro Postal Internacional
Letonia y Antartida
Horario: 10:00 a 17:00 HS.
de Lunes a Viernes

thanks a bunch.

the person who confirmed it was someone from correo argentina over the phone....the USPS tracking number on the correo argentina website says it is there too.

my drivers license will match the return address, and i will have my passport.... i havent needed to bribe anyone yet in this country, but if thats what it comes down to...
Hi, We have collected a package with just the number before. You will receive another slip at the first counter. And then you wait for your number to be called in the other room. Good luck.