is this normal behaviour?


Mar 5, 2009
hi everyone! i just have a quick question, i have just had a bad experience with an argentine guy who came and stayed with me in my country, he turned up empty handed, i paid for his ticket, nothing on valentines day and nothing for my birthday. would you consider this inappropriate? also when he was in my country i found him to be a little on the "insane" side of normal....

i wont go into a complete character assassination but all that talk about the latin lovers..and ive never met a man who constantly has to tell you how many women want him.... .i think i may have just found myself a nut job but really i want to know if what i think is cheapskate behaviour would be considered acceptable in argentina?
I do not know if it is "normal" but I have freinds who live in Pilar. When they invite me out, they feed me, buy me drinks, presents and genrally do everything for me and my wife. Although I will bring presents (I think this is more our culture) they seem to just dismiss them and would not dream of letting me pay for anything.
Just to add to the confusion I had an argentine freind in the UK who asked me to take some presents for her son and granchilldren. I was overwieght and had to leave some of my own things at home. I was invited to his restaurant for a meal, I never met his family and at the end was presented with a bill for $180ar.
So to answer your question: I have no idea what is normal here, I think good people are good people where ever you go, nutters are everywhere.
Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find "Argentinos mangueros" (freeloaders).
yes well i think when you feel you are being taken advantage of, you usually are.... .
How on earth could you invite and pay (Airline Ticket) someone to stay with you, at your place, that you know so little about? Has NOTHING to do with Argentina and it's people, has everything to do with your lack of good judgement....... Wow.....
You know Austgirl, people are not their nationality, people are not their religion, people are not their profession..... People are people and you have good and bad everywhere (including Australia - I know it well). It's your job to protect yourself. I come from a dangerous country full of guns, crazy drug overuse, and idiots - USA - and one must learn to be aware and suspicious if things seem somewhat ...wrong or off. That goes for almost anywhere (you can relax slightly in Singapore and Dubai). It's YOUR JOB to protect yourself. Sorry for being so hard on you but this is a crazy world so PROTECT YOURSELF !!! There's no other way...
Dudester said:
How on earth could you invite and pay (Airline Ticket) someone to stay with you, at your place, that you know so little about? Has NOTHING to do with Argentina and it's people ...

austgirl: Now you need to invite a few other guys from different countries in the same way to collect some reasonable statistics :)
Well, i'm glad Igor added a little lite humor cause I do come across a bit too strong here. The thing is a few months ago my Girl Friend's cousin's son (29 year old hard working father/husband/very nice guy) was murdered at a hamburger stand in L.A. on a late Sunday afternoon when trouble was starting up and he didn't listen to his inner voice/intuition and get out of the place fast enough (6 bullets in the back). We're all in the jungle and must learn to think fast and protect ourselves...... Sorry about the harsh attitude. Take care of yourself Austgirl, Dudester
austgirl, Dudester is on the ball on this, freeloaders are everywhere, here, there, anywhere you were unfortunate to cross this idiot path, hope you learn something from this experience, and forget that latin lover myth of Hollywood Rudolph Valentino's cliche...and no, isn't normal behavior...but still some of them will behave as him if they find a pretty and innocent girl or woman so always keep your guard high until you know him, his family and friends well. .
Ok wow. Upon the first reading, I thought you meant that you invited this guy to your country, meaning country as the way the Argentines use the word, like a weekend house or a house in a gated community HERE in Argentina. I'm sorry, but his behavior should not be considered acceptable or "normal" anywhere. And usually if someone can't pay their ticket in the first place, it shouldn't be automatically assumed that he will pay it back in the future. He was in for a free ride. For your own sake, I hope you lose contact. Best of luck.