It’s official Joe Biden becomes the 46 President of the United States.

mc kenna

I'd like to congratulate all those who lined up with his way of thinking, and also would like to say it today, by the time we realize the huge mistake our country made electing this administration, will be too late . I hope to be wrong, but i rely on my judge of character experience and unfortunately this was a major mistake.
God speed Mr. President


I live in Pennsylvania . The vote counting here was worse than a banana republic
and yet, there is no proof any cheating went on.
Trump has won exactly ONE lawsuit- the one where the judge ruled his observors, (the ones he claims arent being let in) could stand 6 feet away instead of 10 feet. All over the US, judges, including some appointed by Trump, are dismissing his dubious lawsuits. NO actual dead person has been found to have voted. Name ONE. And Biden is currently ahead by around 4 million votes. Thats a LOT of dead people.

The really curious thing is-
If the "Deep State" and the Media and the Socialist Democrats actually DID create ballots, vote dead people, dump trump ballots, and cheat, why didnt they win the Senate, too?
I cant imagine a multistate conspiracy that must have involved hundreds of "secret agents" miscounting ballots, changing postmarks, and throwing away loyal Trump ballots, and yet, they somehow "forgot" to cheat on all the downballot races that went republican?