It's Becky from San Jose, California


Hello, It's Becky! I am 29, student at the local university studying sociology and am hoping to travel to BA this January to study Spanish and travel for a month. I wanted to stop by this website and see what is going on in BA. Thanks,

Hi Becky,
I`m from the Bay Area and graduated from Cal Poly. If you have any questions let me know. I`ve been here for about 10 years. I now have my family here and live a "very" Argentine life. I have a pretty good idea of things here so let me know about any concerns....
Take care!


I am from the San Jose area also. Had a restaurant in Campbell for about 12 years. We lived in Santa Clara off of Stevens Creek. I am now 66 and thinking of less expensive options for living. What suggestions do you have?
My email comes thru with the name of annann campbell. Dont ask me why.
beverly trigilio

Hi Beverly,
I'm not sure if you mean you are interested in coming to Argentina to save money? If thats the case....yes you'll probably save...but you'll have to give up some things....clean streets, organized society, infrastructure,....and I could go on...
Are you thinking of moving here?