It's been a while . . .


Oct 28, 2006
It's not like I was ever a heralded poster here, but I'm glad to be back. I grew up near Houston. After college I moved to California. Once I felt like I was a decent enough surfer, I moved to Colorado. My skiing is, for lack of a stronger adjective, gnarlier than my surfing. Whatever. The point is, I'm glad to be back. I met my wife in Colorado. She was my neighbor. Once I realized that five beautiful Argentinean girls were living next door, I knew I couldn't just sit around. Now than I'm married to an Argentinean woman, I LOVE ARGENTINA.
For all of the 20-something transplants/ex-pats in BsAs, live it up. Take heed to all of the warnings (JG & friends), but don't let them deter you. If you havn't already figured it out, you are in one of the coolest places on earth (in my opininon). It seems to me like BsAs has the perfect mix of culture and fun (the truth is, the culture here is the fun).
Drink Mate, fernet, and whatever else you want. Eat the dulce de leche (Lapatia and La Salamandra). Go to Mint or Asia de Cuba at least once. If you miss the States, got to El Alamo (especially if you want to watch UT win their second NCG since 2005; OU sucks!!!). Just wear your damn seat belt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS JG had/has (don't know if he/she is still here) some of the most insightful posts on this site . . .
PPS I would love a trip to las lineas or wherever else . . .

OU still has more National Championships than Texas!
Glad you love it here...enjoy the nice weather.