Its coming home....

He is probably English. In the British media, you can read "football is coming home" everywhere. It has been a long time since the English team made it to the world cup quarter final and since the good teams (Brazil, Belgium, France, Uruguay in this order) are in the other half of the tournament ladder, the English dream their team will make it to the finals and then have the luck to win it. The winner of the match between Brazil and Belgium is the real favourite though.
Yes it most certainly is!!!!! I was hoping for a Brazuka final, and a Rusky semi but they have fallen by the wayside.

How will you be celebrating Churchill ? Get in there !!!!!!!!
"Done okay so far,...." hahaha, jester not Lord Fotheringham.

Can't deny that Croacia are decent either. Of course we'd meet a decent team in the WC final.... why did you think otherwise ?
You might as well have a knees up cos Scotland will never get this far.