IVF Recommend and Rx


Hey all!

So, I'm very new to BA and need to go back to the US for some IVF procedures that is already stored up there...(so I'm locked to doing the stuff up there at the moment).

So two part question...
Wondering if anyone recommends an IVF doctor down here in case the US stuff doesn't work out but also... One of my meds that I have to purchase when I get back to the US in a few weeks--for just one month is $1k USD. (I bought all the many others just not this one yet). One thousand bucks for just one month of one of the many meds I need to take. UGH.

Wondering if I can somehow get a prescription down here from a doc to buy down here and bring up?

So it's a two part question:

IVF doc recommends down here.

And help getting an IVF med prescription down here to buy and bring back (thinking it won't be as high to buy here, as $1k USD).
The med is called Endometrin and I need a 30 day supply. 100mg x 3 times a day.

Let me know if anyone can help!