Sep 6, 2009
What's good BA? I've heard that Buenos Aires has a few Jazz clubs. Is this true? I've yet to investigate, so I figured I start here. Do any of you fellow expatriots have any suggestions on where one could go to enjoy some great wine, which i've realized is not hard to find in this city, and listen to some live Jazz (or something similar, fusion perhaps)? Being from the NY metropolitan area, clubs tend to be expensive, however i'm sure the contrary applies here. I live in Palermo but i'm willing to go to other sections of the city. Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Have you checked out "Time Out" Buenos Aires magazine? Probably available at most Recoleta and Downtown newstands - 20 pesos. Lots of info on restaurant and Enter- tainment venues.
the two best clubs that come to mind are Thelonious (salguero 1884) and Notorous (callao 966) there is also Jazz Club (correntes 1660) I used to have a great web site in spanish earmarked in my "favorites" that listed all the jazz clubs and who was playing, but I have lost it, and just spent an hour trying to find it for you and for me... but couldnt... anyone out there know what it is?
Hi! I am a jazz musician. Notorious has closed down. Thelonious is cool. Club Lounge (Reconquista 900 approx ) then in Palermo you can go to Virasoro Bar.. I belive on Guatemala Street..if you like New Orleans type of Jazz, older crowd, you could try www.Jazz ClubOlivos.com.ar Check it out. I actually played there this month with my quartet
Good luck!
notorious is closed? sad. i just went to thelonious this weekend and really liked it. its here in palermo, small and laid back, if you get there early around 930 you can snag bar or stair seats, but you can also reserve a table for 20 pesos (another 20 to get in), which is what we did and i think is definitely worth it especially if you have more than a couple people in your party. with a res you need to be there by 930 which seems early but the first band started around 10.
I'm a jazz musician currently living in the Midwest United States, and I plan to be moving to Argentina in the next few months. I am a drummer, percussionist, and a vocalist. I'm wondering what the scene is like in BA? If there are very many jam sessions (if any) and how approachable everyone is. I have been to some jam sessions where the musicians were very elitist, snobbish and its a huge turn-off. On the other hand, I have been to so many where everyone was very open and welcoming. It seems like it just depends on the individuals.

also, I'm really sad but I think I will have to leave my drums in the United States. I'm probably going to bring my tablas, and I'm thinking about shipping my congas, I'll bring a pandeiro and some caxixis/maracas etc. but it will be so sad not to have a kit. Is it terribly expensive to buy drums in Argentina?

If anyone has any answers or advice, it's more than welcome. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but it's related info. Peace all
beyond jazz, what other live music bars etc. are there? i dig thelonious and bomba del tiempo, but am in search for other small live shows? Any hip hop scene here?