Job Hunting


May 5, 2009
Hi Everyone,

I'm currently here in BA teaching English (volunteer work) and I'm planning on leaving the country in December. However, I'm also considering staying. The main reason for leaving is the need to earn more money, but I would love to stay to improve my Spanish, etc.

I have an MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management. I have about 2 years worth of experience in HR. I'm a fast learner and a hardworker. I also have tons of experience as an Administrative Assistant. I'm currently volunteering my time in the HR department of the Argentine company that I'm working for now, so I'm learning a lot.

Anyone have any tips for me as far as finding a job with an American company here in Buenos Aires?
I also have the same question.
What's a good way/place to search jobs for multilingual individuals in Baires? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
Matias if you were born here you have a DNI I guess?
With that and your background having lived in different countries and such it should not be much of a problem finding work here whether in foreign or local companies here.
What you is your field/specialty? Where would you be looking to work??

My background is a bit like yours ....
It is important though to get your Dni or renew it when you get here and get a CUIL nr at AFIP...

Nleonce regarding your query once in a while searches appear that may be of interest not necessarily in HR.
How is your spanish?
I know there is a staffing company that works in english finding candidates from here for companies abroad- Pierpoint I think it was called ? or Avature... Contact both to see if they are currently recruiting....

Other peole may have other suggestions.....