Jobs and such


Aug 23, 2006
Hi everyone!
My boyfriend and I are planning to move to BsAs after Christmas. I have lots of experience living on my own abroad, but he doesn't. While I am comfortable saving some money and just landing there without a job, a place to stay, or any real plans, he is not. So, in an attempt to satisfy him somewhat, I was hoping to find some info about work there (i.e. Like what type of jobs are typically held by y'all (expats) and if we should wait until we get there, or plan ahead- if that is even possible).
I was a Third World Studies major in college and am studying for the LSAT and would very much like to work with ngos or international organizations. I am also open to doing anything from waitressing to teaching english. Volunteering would be great too, but I have to pay the bills at some point.
Really any info would be helpful and much appreciated! Thanks y'all!
Hello :),
As far as I know many expats who are not sent here by companies or governments work teaching english, in english speaking call centers, or are setting up their own business´. If you go to the jobs forum within the "All forums" section you may be able to find examples.....
Also there is an interesting article regarding teaching english in the site. I am copy-pasting the link article13.html?9db8bc59b5073988aee76df427aa9f61=744f70e948934094bcd54fbe1a1a36b8
I don´t know if it is too far ahead to contact some of the companies, but you can always make a first contact....