John Boyle's Unresponsive // Need A Reliable Taxi Service

Preferably with basic english - I'll be picking someone up from EZE but it's a bit complicated and needs some explaining, I don't wanna do the explaining with my castellano. Is there any other than John Boyle (he doesn't respond...)? Any info would be a great help!


Spoke with John Boyle - he wanted 950 ARS for ida y vuelta :/
Why not send a good radio taxi to pick up the person at EZE? Big companies have cars at the airport so you do not need to pay ida y vuelta. If Spanish is a problem I can help out, check my sig. Most big companies use radio Taxi Premium.
yes i agree with Henry -- Taxi Ezeiza

I have used them for 7 years ... used them 20 times not ever late..usually 30 minutes early.... it isnt cheap but what is.... like 240 a trip or something one way but they are reliable.... and there isnt much english.. but you are just going to the airport... what do you need to talk about....

you can reserve a taxi even online from their website or call..... it is the most reliable service i have found to the airport..... just checked it is 195 pesos from cap fed to eze.... i think they get you for 240 pesos from eze to cap fed...


$950 for an airport run?!!
Is there a remis company near you? They will give you a set price for the trip to the airport and a price for waiting around, sometimes hourly, sometimes by the quarter hour. Remises usually do not charge the return leg of the journey, just check that by asking "cobran la vuelta?"
When I picked someone up from Eze last month it was AR$220 round trip, including motorway tolls, parking and half an hour waiting.
Over the years I have used many different cabs in BA . When I find a good driver with a good car I get a business card and use that person over and over again. My latest "best driver" is Rafael Lazaro. I met him at EZE where he was the driver assigned to me when I paid at a booth inside the terminal ( not EZE Taxi Co). 230 pesos inclusive of tolls with a card for 170 pesos for a return ride. .
After he dropped us off, I asked him to pick up my son-in-law and wife arriving at EZE a few days later. He met them with a sign bearing their names inside the terminal right after they left the secure area. No charge for waiting time. A few days later he arrived at my apt at 4 am and drove the kids back to EZE ( for 170 pesos).
He just picked us up at our apt last night at 7 and drove us to EZE. Driving through the horrific city street traffic was a big hassle, but he managed to use the best, clearest side streets to get on the autopista with minimal delay.
Rafael uses a taxi "familiar" which is one of those big boxy SUV type vehicles capable of holding lots more luggage than a normal taxi car. He is reliable ( 4am?), a good knowledgeable, sane driver with the best possible vehicle. He is responsive to emails. I recommend him strongly.