Johns Hopkins Student Requesting Feedback on American Companies in BA


Aug 31, 2006
Saludos a todos.
My name is Frank Wolfe, and I"m a Johns Hopkins student here in the U.S. finishing my Master's in International Public Policy. My wife lived in BA 11 years before we met, and we're looking to return to the Paris of the South, "la gran ciudad." I've worked as a writer for various national newspapers and magazines across the U.S. and am searching for a job in BA doing just about anything legal once I graduate in December. Hope this would involve writing/editing/consulting in an NGO or American company.
Can any of you relate your experiences in these types of jobs and where a search may be most fruitful?
You will not be able to work legally unless you get legal residency which is somewhat difficult and time consuming. Writing/consulting is a pretty broad term, but you will need to freelance and find your own projects, because if anybody is willing to hire you off the books they won't pay you much. You can always teach english, but there's a lot of competition and it doesn't pay well. The best bet is to find some sort of job in the US where you can work from the internet, then come down to BA. This way you get paid in dollars and live here dirt cheap.

Good luck!