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Jul 18, 2012
I am an American living in Argentina for the past eight years. I have learned a lot about life and I am willing to share wisdom from all the many errors I have made as a foreigner living in a country where there are many opportunistas! My partner is Argentine and we have owned properties here, sold and bought., as well as ran a legal commercial business here in Argentina. I am a permanent resident and have a DNI. I have had many experiences with AFIP, Immigration and more. I don´t mind sharing information, stories or helping others to live here with greater ease., as that is a constant challenge! I am also wanting to put out if anyone knows of some web sites online that offer eithe paid or free advertising for foreigners to sell a commercial property in Argentina or internationally to other foreigners. We have a brand new hotel/spa/resort with a full commercial store and 3 bedroom owners residence. It is located in the sierras of Cordoba in La Cumbrecita., a year round tourist destination. The commissions that real estate agents, escribanos and banks get in this country for doing so little work are incredible! If anyone has any suggestions beyond standard inmobiliarias, I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks! [email protected]
Welcome. Thanks for offering some input. Sounds like a nice place in the sierras.