just moved back to San Cristobal, Capital Federal!


Sep 22, 2009
Saludos to all! I just returned (how can you be away from here for long?) back to Buenos Aires after studying here last year at la UBA in la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas. I´m from Kentucky and returned to be with my wonderful boyfriend here. I am working from here on an adult education financial literacy project for back home. I live in San Cristobal, which is just west of San Telmo and Constitución.

I am sure I will post many questions about food! I love cooking and eating, mostly vegetarian but not exclusively. I just baked some homemade cinnamon rolls this evening on a whim. I am so happy to be surrounded by so much great wine. I´m a whizz with the colectivos and know a lot of practical advice on business transactions here AND I can make an ampersand on a Spanish keyboard - haha! , so I may answer some posts in that arena as well.

I love exploring the city, and I look forward to learning SO MUCH from all the great posts that are on here.

Les mando besitos, emily
I was just in San Cristobal yesterday (Sunday). It's a lovely little shit-hole. You'll enjoy it.

As for exploring the city, I think I walked from ~3800 Independencia to ~Corrientes. It was really cool. I passed Plaza Almagro which had an insane number of park benches for everyone to sit on. Lovely park. There was other interesting stuff along the way.

This city is fully of intestesting nooks (knooks?) and cranies (sp?). Enjoy it... and the Spanish keyboard.

Good luck Emily. (I admit, I accepted your beso... even though you're WAY younger than I am.)
It is a lovely little shit hole from the outside! But it´s my little shit hole! haha.
Hi Emily,

Welcome back!

I am also a vegetarian, maybe we can organize a small veggie get-together one of these. I would like to learn some new recipes as my knowledge of cooking is very limited. I'm doing pretty well with desserts though.