Just Moved To Palermo


Nov 18, 2015
Hello everyone, I'm Sophie, from France, I have just moved to Palermo where I will also start working next week.

It's my 2nd visit in Argentina, this time with no idea when I leave, if it ever happens!

I'm starting to know the city, already visited the japanese garden, town center (Plaza de Mayo, Florida, etc...).

Any recommendation about what to visit these days? I'd like to go to a milonga for example. These are my last free days before work and I want to take advantage.

I would also appreciate any recommendation about a good "cueva" or place to change dollars at the blue rate close to the Alto Palermo.

Thank you in advance!
Hello Sophie and welcome!

I suggest you read this thread about tourist-y things to do in BsAs while you are still one.
Enjoy your staying!
Hi Sophie, If you have time tomorrow, stop by coffee chat at Starbucks Alto Palermo any time between 4pm-7pm. I'm sure you'll get some answers to your questions. I know someone (a girl) who wouldn't mind company going to a milonga. Welcome back to BA.

Welcome, Sophie! My best advice for seeing the city is to just strike out in some general direction, and walk. The city is an amazing place, and you will discover parks, plazas, small stores, even smaller museums, and beautiful architecture. Palermo is a good place to live and work, so enjoy!
welcome sophie!. you can got to la boca and caminito. or visit teatro colon i think there are tours. you can also walk by yourself to the "palacio de aguas" on cordoba avenue and take some pics of the building it`s the closest to a palace you`ll find here.
Welcome Sophie. Feel free to ask questions. We will be happy to assist.
Get a SUBE card, and learn how to use public transportation around town. Try to go to tigre, now the delta is full of flowers, better if you go a week day.

Another page, as this sunday will be elections, no alcohol will be sold the day before.