Just moved to Palermo

Westin Crosby

Hey whats up everyone. My name is Westin Crosby, I'm 24 years old and just moved to Palermo. I just finished my service in the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa and wanted to continue traveling so I decided to come here and teach English, granted I find a job. I moved down here from Texas along with a friend, and we are both laid back guys trying to get a feel for the city and meet some people in the process. Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself. If there is anyone around Palermo interested in meeting up and having a few drinks, let me know. take care


hey westin,

i´m moving to B.A. in a couple weeks. also gonna try and teach. have a few certificates, which should help, and an interview lined up for a part-time gig when i get there.

i´m 23, just spent 4 months in peru. hoping to find a nice place in palermo. maybe i´ll see you around!



You should always mention which part of Texas you're from and which large university's football team you support. That will help a lot.

suerte with your move