Whereabouts in Belgrano are you? What age are your children? Are you looking for bilingual or is just Spanish ok?


Thanks SLG
@syngirl, near Echeverria and Libertador. We have one 2 year old who we like to get to a Kindergarten, the other one is 4 months


Belgrano Day School

I heard it is the best in Belgrano. I also considered sending my daughter there in march when she turns 2. But decided not to send her to any school until she is 4.


Thats true, you have Belgrano Day School,
Argentina School:
Colegio Pestalozzi:

My daughter went to Bloomfileds kindergarten when she was 3, and i wouldn't recommend it. That place is awful, like instituto San cayetano, I wouldn't recommend ether of them.


Hi LucreBorgia, just reading your post, but why did you not like Bloomfield? hope you could be a bit more specific. Thanks for your help.
Does anyone knows about French Lycee in Belgrano? Is it possible to start at age 2,5 years or only at 3y? Thanks!


I love Islands Inertnational. Caring and lovely teachers. Right on Virrey del Pino, between Cabildo and Arcos.


The Pestalozzi is a German-Spanish program! Ambitious, though perhaps not what you want. It is also well regarded, small, and thus very very tough to get into unless you are the child of an alum. I tried very hard for 18 months to get my kids in there because we live in Belgrano, befriending a director of the school, speaking to the German Embassy (which subsidizes it), calling routinely and pointing out we are German citizens. I got a meeting and a school tour for all that! The waiting list process is very opaque, and we're still on it. So our kids will go to the Goethe in San Isidro - less convenient, but probably better.

For English/Spanish kindergarten, we were very happy with Boomerang in Palermo. We also like Sworn for primary school in Belgrano, better that BDS: smaller, more attention per kid, less snobby. It was our alternative to Goethe. PM me for contact details if you want.