kindle 2


Apr 3, 2009
Has anyone used the Kindle 2 in BA for books, newpapers etc?

I know the wireless does not work internationally so you have to sync content with your pc or mac but I would like anyone's opinions if they have one.

I have a friend in the US of A who has one and...

I'm going to hold off on giving a report. You seem to want news from others here and she's living in Texas.

Nope. She loves it. Maybe more than her husband and kids. (But then again, her husband has told her that her biggest flaw is that she reads too much. So it's safe to say that she's an addict.) She takes it with her everywhere and looks forward to having to sit in a carpool line or wait around during soccer practice.

There was a thread about the KINDLE 2 on another board I frequent. Here were some of the comments:

I have a friend who got one as a present. Honestly the price is the only sticking point for me right now. If it was $200, instead of $360+ I'd already have one. It is nice.
Greatest thing ever! Finished a book and instead of having to wait the next day to get another, I went to the site and bought one.

Prices are cheaper than hardback...reads great...has google on it too.

If you read alot...BUY ONE!
Hell, half my damn family owns one and the list keeps growing. my GF just got hers and loves it, although she's still learning all about the features.

My mother swears by it & never goes anywhere without it.
My 77 Year old and very electronically "hip" dad just got one, and can't put the thing down. Says it challenges the iPod as greatest new gizmo ever.
I have had Kindle 1 for 6 months and love it. The only problem with the older style was the large buttons (you trigger page turns a bunch), and when I saw someone with Kindle 2, they had fixed that problem. I'm debating getting the new one and giving the old to my wife or son.
I bought the new Kindle about 2-3 weeks ago. I love it. While I don't read a huge amount, I like to read some most nights and I like to read on the plane (I travel a lot). I think I'm going to end up reading much more than I ever did before. Getting books is simple -- either order them online or from the Kindle, and they are available in just a few seconds. Most new books are $10, they have many for less than that, and some are free. It will hold about 1,500 books. The screen is very readable, and the buttons all seem to be in the right place.

It's a little pricey, but worth it.
How is the Sony Reader?
From what I hear, the Sony Reader is a good e-book. This is strictly observation, but the screen seems to be a bit easier on the eyes. The biggest difference between the two is that the Kindle can download wirelessly, and the Sony Reader has to be hooked up to your computer to get what you have bought. The other night I was stuck in an airplane in Houston waiting on the weather to clear. I finished up the book I was reading, checked out a sample of one I had downloaded, liked it and had the new book in about a minute.
A friend of mine's wife has one and absolutely loves it. I recommended it to an avid reader down here in Buenos Aires and she refused to even consider it. Even though books are WAY overpriced down here and extremely hard to find. It would be perfect for here, pero bueno.
If she is in BA, then she can use either the Sony or the Kindle. The wireless won't work outside the US at this time.
I've been using PDA's to read on the road for nearly a decade - is this really such an improvement, or just an iPhone like piece of gimmickry?
Thanks, I just finished reading a complete book on my iphone using Kindle for IPhone ap. It was actually pretty good. I have not seen a kindle 2 in person but have heard great things, my dilema is whether or not it is worth the 350 bucks for it when I do have the iphone, the iphone also lets me get newspapers and a ton of content, however it would be tough to use for more than an hour or 2 of reading at a time. The wireless does not work internationally but you can sync books via the usb on your computer so not an issue. I think it is a good gadget but is it worth the 350 bucks? Moxon, it is nothing like reading on a pda, I do have a friend who raves about it and says it reads better than paper. Oh well, decisions
I can't say reading from a conventional PDA screen has ever bothered me, but still I'd like to see one maybe it would make a convert out of me.
I am using the original Kindle here in BA and am VERY happy with it (and kindle 2 is supposed to be a big improvement). While the wireless functionality would be nice, I don't really miss it that much as, like you said, it is real easy to download books and copy them over via usb - a very minor inconvenience. Really, I use it so much that I couldn't imagine living here without it at this point. I also have the iphone and the kindle app is a nice supplement but reading on the actual kindle device is a vastly better experience. I'd say it is worth the $$ if you read a lot and have trouble finding books here in BA.
Thanks Ryan, I read my first book on iphone and it was actually far better than I thought, you think the kindle is much better than the iphone ap? I would have to trust your judgement, may have to go for it. Is it really like reading a book? said:
I'd say it is worth the $$ if you read a lot and have trouble finding books here in BA.


Is there anyone who does NOT have trouble finding books here? :rolleyes:

There's a bit of a dirth of English books in this country. And what you can find can be pretty expensive.

So if you look at it like you're saving US$5 on the cost of each book and you are willing to pay an extra US$5 for the convenience of each book, then there's a US$10 premium on each book.

If you read 36 books on it, it will pay for itself... using my just invented formula.