Kindle Book Club? Or the like?


I'm currently still in the states for another month but I wanted to throw an idea out there.

I was wondering if there are ladies out there with Kindles, Nooks, iPads, etc that would like to start up a book club to meet once a month? I say electronic readers as its would be a little easier to download the books rather than searching the city for books, however that wouldn't be a requirement (obviously!!). Plus there are a lot of new, great books that are coming out!

I love reading and have up hooked with my old book club for this months book and I miss having a good reason to be reading all the time. I'm asking ladies because often we read books that I don't think men would be interested in, however I'm ok with either!!

I'll be back in mid-February and wouldn't mind setting something up.

Let me know who's interested!!


Awesome!! I'm so happy you guys are interested!!

Maybe we can plan on getting together towards the end of February? If anyone has a book idea, we could get started reading now and then in February we could organize a night to get together.



Maybe we could start with a genre. What are you all interested in? I have a huge list of "books to read", so I guess I could throw out a few suggestions. :D

  • Stephen King's newest book is called 11/22/63 and is a historical-fiction look into the Kennedy assassination.

  • There's also State of Wonder by Ann Patchett.

    "The gist of the storyline of State of Wonder is this: Dr. Marina Singh, a 42-year-old research scientist working for a pharmaceutical company in Minnesota, is sent to Brazil to locate the remains of her deceased lab mate — a nice family guy who was himself sent into the rain forest months earlier to find another employee, the reclusive Dr. Annick Swenson. Dr. Swenson has been in the wild 10 years, working to unlock the secret to the prolonged fertility of an isolated Amazonian tribe. The women of that tribe give birth well into their 70s, and if the fertility chemical found in a rare tree bark can be distilled and made available back in the States, it will be, as Marina's deceased co-worker once said, "menstruation everlasting ... the equivalent of Lost Horizon for American ovaries." Marina is an ideal candidate for what turns out to be a female explorer tale because she's so alone: Apart from a secret tepid affair with her boss, the most profound human connection she has had for years has been the daily small talk she shared with her dead colleague. With so little to lose, Marina sets off for the Amazon, dully suspecting that what awaits her there may well be "the horror, the horror." -NPR

  • Or, if we prefer something non-fiction, there's The Arrogant Years: An Egyptian Family in Exile by Lucette Lagnado.

They all look interesting and have been languishing on my list for months, so I thought I'd throw them out there. What do you guys think?