Kirchnerism's Paradoxical Staying Power

Pierre Smith

Not going anywhere.

Money quote:

Studies suggest the median Argentine voter may take much convincing to back a free-market reformist challenger, even when times are bad. According to a survey conducted by Pew in 2014, Argentines are some of the least free-market-friendly people in the world. Asked whether they agreed with the statement, “Most people are better off in a market economy, even though this implies that some people are poor while others are rich,” 48% of Argentines disagreed. Only 33% agreed, the lowest number among countries surveyed—the corresponding number was 44% in Mexico, 60% in statist France, 76% in nominally communist China and a shocking 96% in Vietnam.


To add balance they may simply look at the 4 years of Macri and decide "F that..."
Or they could look at what the current government is doing. I think this government is destroying the economy more than Macri. Remembering the previous election, it was not about good policy though, it was about that the own side was good and the other side was evil. I do not expect it to be different next time. The side that can put the most blame on the other side will win the election.