Know How To Send Dollars Securely From Us? Help!


Nov 30, 2012
Hey hey expats, I just got here 2 months ago from the States and so excited I found this community!

I want to exchange my dollars to pesos for the blue exchange rate and am trying to receive more money currently from my home. I was wondering if it could be done through my visa debit card or how I should go about getting the cold cash over here SAFELY in the mail. I know el correo argentino isn't... well... reliable, so if anyone has ideas or has dealt with this in the past, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much, it's great to be a member of such a supportive group! :D
If you are only needing the currency in Argentina Pesos, the Xoom service is the way to go. Send your US$ from USoA
then receive the sent Dollars converted to Closer or exactly the same exchange rate as if you are going to get them street Blue.
I thought I could split up the remittance via Xoom service. For instance if I send US$2000.00 then receive Cash US$1000.00
and the rest US$1000.00 in Argentinean Pesos but Alas, does not work that way being told ! All money sent via Xoom it has to be extracted
all in one sweep and all in Pesos..