LA RURAL starts today (July 19th-31st, 2012)


Just a heads up that if you see people dressed like this:

...and this...

...on the subte or running around Palermo (Plaza Italia specifically), it's because "La Rural" is back for 2012.

From the farm animals, to the birds, to the salamis/quesos, to the off-roading area for trucks way in the back (in a huge, dug-out area), La Rural is probably the coolest expo of the year.

The Official link:

And some cool photos that BAlocal put up from last year, if you have Facebook, are here:

La Rural 2011 photos:

A friend is there today and already posted a video from the truck area where they do kind of weird demos to show how off-road ready their vehicles are.

I don't think that you can get a week pass, but I haven't really looked at their site yet.

ADVICE: I will say that like ALL EXPOS, you Do NOT Want To Wait Until The Last Day or Two!!

Go early, and maybe go often, but DO NOT GO LATE! You will hate yourself for waiting, because the crowds will get ridiculous.

La Fleur

Thanks so much for reminding us about this event. I have been in other years and think it is one of the very best events in Buenos Aires. Lots of nice foody things to buy as well as seeing the animals, horse events etc.

I come from a rural background, so I especially like the smell - reminds me of happy times as a child.

La Fleur


I just got back.

The off-road demos are in a demolished pozo site at the back of La Rural, they drive you round a pretty cool off-road course (FYI: The Toyota one is the best).

Mostly it is pens of animals; cow, pig, sheep, poultry, horse. All very clearly designated with the breeds grouped into different areas.

In the arenas there are lots of horse themed shows.

There are vast areas with artisanal food and arts stands for your shopping needs. At certain times of the day there are tastings and cooking shows. I wouldn't recommend the cheese and ham stands near the 4x4, they were under the sun all today in a surprisingly primarveral climate, the cheese was sweating.
Whoever was asking about buying horse tack in BsAs, you should definitely check out this event, especially for the criollo (traditional) tack.

There is a kids playground and a place where 3-8 year olds can ride ponies.

Restaurants and kioskos scattered about everywhere. Pizzerias and parrillas, simple and upmarket, all overpriced.

Live radio shows, TV broadcasts and agricultural equipment demonstration.
Linger around the agricultural machinery and vehicle for PR-girl eye candy.

*Top tip: If you do get there and the entrance queues are seemingly interminable, walk up Av.Sarmiento until the underground car park, enter on foot and pay and enter from there, always quick.



Bella27 said:
What subte or colectivo can I take to it? I'm near the Purreydon subte.
The Subte D is the right call, but for colectivos... there are about a bazillion. And I think that they are technically supposed to be FREE if you say "La Rural".

For Buses:

Type in your address next to "A".

Type in "Plaza Italia - Avendia Santa Fe" next to "B".

Then hit the Blue "BUSCAR" button. It will take care of you.



Just a heads up that TODAY is the last day of the Exposition of La Rural at the expo center.

It's open til 8pm tonight.

There are some bargains on various things:

-Alpargatas from "Arandu" are AR$50 (a steal for their quality and the going rate). They had stand right near the Plaza Italia entrance if you veered left and never entered the pavilion at the gate. PAEZ alpargatas are going for ~AR$100 these days and don't even get me started on TOMS in the US.

-Belts w/ the "Cruz de la Pampa" from a variety of places, but I found quality leather & stitching at a place called "Pringamoza" for AR$100. You can get them cheaper, but they'll be cheaper. I bought my belt from a stand area inside the big pavilion, but they also had one or two enclosed stores outside as well.

-Boinas of various materials & designs from AR$40 or AR$50 to well over AR$100, but a good selection to choose from at various stalls.

-Smoked Venison Sausage (salami) from a place called "Günthers", or something like that in the main pavilion with the clothing stalls. It's against the back wall near a Lemoncello stand. They have deer skins on the back wall of their area but you might be able to find them from the amazing smoked scent emanating from their smoked venison sausage & cheeses. The flavor is very good, but the scent is intoxicating.

-Cervezas Artensenales... speaking of "smoked" flavor, Gülmen Cervezas Artesenales has a setup not far from the Lemoncello area and they offer a Smoked Lager in a ~600ml bottle. It's downright delicious. (In Germany, this style is called "Raüchbier".) The beers are AR$20 for one porron (330ml) or 3 for AR$50. A bit steep, but the going rate if you can even find their beers.

Here's their list of beers:

So check out the expo if you have time today and you haven't been. Many of the exhibitors/stalls/stands might be running specials today to unload inventory, so the prices might be less than those listed above.

And last, but not least, what would a La Rural report be without some photos:

Don't be caught napping.

And don't be a...

Take the subte, colectivo, or taxi so that you don't have to worry about parking.

But hurry! Because today is the last day of La Rural!

PS- It hasn't moved from where it's been mentioned above.