Ladies, need a Wax with a British Speaking Professional?


Jun 23, 2009
Hello Ex-Pats! My name is Sarah, I´m 28 and from London and whilst travelling around South America, I realised how much of a demand there is for an English Speaking Beautician.

I decided to set up a waxing business for the English speaking travellers in the hostels in and around Buenos Aires but am also available for private bookings and personal home visits.

If you clicked on this post, there´s a fair chance you´re a fellow waxer... meaning, regardless of the awkwardness of the process, we WON´T give in to shaving but will wait until we get to a decent waxing salon and have the cursed hair removed.

I've had some pretty horrific experiences in Peru, Bolivia & sad to say, here in Buenos Aires and if you, like me, don´t speak the language too well, it can be a pretty agonising 40 minutes trying to a) explain what you want and b) trying to "chit chat" the minutes away whilst some stranger pokes around your fandango.

So I started this...


I have previous experience in Australia & England but studied here for Diplomas in Waxing/Manicure/Pedicure (See certificates under Prices) really just to relax & assure you I am qualified & able.

I come DIRECT TO YOU (hence the prices being a little more than the competition) & I offer strip & hot waxing on any area and can give you great looking nails on both hands & feet!

Hygiene & Privacy are my number 1 priority.

Please get in touch if I can be of help to you...