Laid off & in Buenos Aires?


Mar 13, 2009
Hi everyone, I´m working as a reporter for Clarin and trying to find some expats who recently moved down because they were laid off from their jobs in their home countries. If anyone fits that description and wants to share their story, please do contact me ASAP-- also appreciate any tips or leads about where to find others. Thanks in advance!
I smell a story about disenfranchised estadosunidense running into the open arms of Kristina to escape the plight of the crumbling US economy. Don't talk to her!
A story about 1st World citizens going to the 2nd/3rd World to spend a pittance and live like aristocracy.

Don't talk to her!
My story is a little different but maybe it would interest you. I worked for a major subprime mortgage lender in New York up until about 2 years ago. I saw the cracks in the wall shortly before the collapse and catastrophe coming. I sold everything in NY and came down here, found a job within a month, worked for a year and now am starting my own business and have been doing VERY well. I didn't see any new and promising things ahead in New York and coming to live in Buenos Aires is has been great all around. Let me know if there is any interest.
Wait, fellows! The story's already been written and published. Didn't you read it?
I recently read it. It ended up being about Americans going on vacation to Buenos Aires because it is slightly less expensive. Truly amazing investigative journalism.
I forgot to mention that the original idea was a rip-off of a piece from the Washington Post that recently received a lot of attention.