lan chile great price reduction for usa ba


Feb 10, 2007
the prices on lan chile seem to have dropped a lot this week from their recent fees of 1400 or 1800 usa from ba to miami or nyc they were 599 on monday before taxes or about 700 with and now on wed they are 724 with taxes comes to about 800 online still a lot but better if any one is looking for a flight to usa the dates i was looking at were for july and august i dont know about other months
oh yes and you have to be very careful with Aerolineas Argentinas, a friend of mine booked a flight from Miami for the last week of march at almost the same price Lan is offering and she had to come back to US the 29th to attend some unavoidable compromises, after paying the ticket, they call her to say that the flight back to the states was canceled for the 29th and that they have no other date to return her to Miami and refunds will be within 30 to 60 working days!!!!!
Shw got mad with them and I adviced her before that you Argentineans companies are not trustable unfortunately because I knew whe need to come back that specific date,so finally she cancelled the flight, she will wait 30-60 working days to the refund that I hope it will work fine and bought a new ticket with Lan at the same price.
I also heard about people waiting 2 and 3 days for their flight back to their countries...
Conclusion> if your schedule is flexible, you can flight with AA, if not, book with another company!!
There has been a significant drop in prices to Argentina in the last few weeks. Iberia's dropped like a stone at the end of January and beginning of February. From a mid-January quote of 1190 (all inc)euro return for me from Dublin for mid-June, returning a month later in July I got mine for 600 (all inc). BA has been slow reducing their prices but they usually are as they are now addicted to their fuel surcharges for revenues. Lufthansa and Air France-KLM are also a lot cheaper now.

I kind of expected this on long haul flights especially after the Christmas/New Year surge. The massive drop in oil and the massive drop in passenger numbers have been a factor. On short haul trips most airlines can decrease the amount of flights they do but long haul it is different (for most, such as to Argentina) so they reduce price to increase numbers. It will be pretty interesting to see if they continue to drop.