Landscaping and outdoor design


Sep 25, 2006
With summer soon to descend upon our adopted homeland, is your garden, roof terrace, PH, patio up to scratch?
With 6-8 Months of sunshine and warm weather we all want to sit outside soaking up the rays, entertain our friends before or after the club or have a asado on the wkd.
If you require a new patio, outdoor decoration, seating, a water feature or planting areas then maybe i can help.
I am a landscaper, stone mason and garden designer from south west UK and have years of experience of improving, redesigning and face lifting outdoor spaces. I am in the process of setting up a new website including projects i worked on in the UK this summer but to get a taste of what we do, please visit which will redirect you to our UK operations or visit directly at
To contact me email [email protected] and i can pop round and offer you a free no obligation quote and discuss your ideas and requirements.
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